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What should I bring to the office?

Before coming to the office you will need to obtain all insurance information. Bring your vision and major medical information. Several insurance companies require you to obtain forms from them before you arrive. See our insurance section for specifics.

If you wear contact lenses, please wear them to your examination. Please bring your glasses. Please bring any medical information, particularly medication lists.

Do you check for Glaucoma?

We check for glaucoma on every patient. In young children we look at the optic nerve, family history, and other anatomical signs of Glaucoma. At age 15 we start routinely checking intra-ocular pressure.

If glaucoma is suspected, we are fully equipped to make a complete evaluation. We have high tech diagnosis equipment including Pachymetry, Computerized Vision Fields, and Scanning Laser Tomography.

Do you fit Contact lenses?

Yes, We fit a wide range of contact lenses. We prefer to fit high oxygen, frequently replaced lenses. These lenses have the ability to minimize the incidence of problems with contact lens wear.

Do you provide glasses?

Yes. Each spring we travel to New York City to purchase the latest in designer frames. Last year we acquired the new Coach frames for women and Randy Jackson frames for men.

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