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Jonathan K. Solan, OD

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Teens and adults who lead active lifestyles often prefer wearing contact lenses as an alternative to prescription glasses. Jonathan Solan, OD, of Cedar Crest Vision Care, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is an experienced optometrist who understands that sometimes you want to see clearly without your glasses. Dr. Solan and his team offer a variety of different types of contacts, including specialty lenses like SynergEyes® and lenses for patients with keratoconus and irregular corneas. Even if you haven’t been able to comfortably wear lenses in the past, Dr. Solan may be able to help. Call to schedule an exam or book online.

Contact Lenses Q & A

What type of contact lenses are best for my eyes?

After a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens exam, Dr. Solan recommends the type of lenses that work best to correct your specific vision problems. He offers a variety of different lenses, including brands that work exceptionally well for hard-to-fit prescriptions. When you come to Cedar Crest Vision, you are fitted for contacts that meet your lifestyle needs as well as your vision prescription, including:

  • Daily-wear soft lenses
  • Extended-wear soft lenses
  • Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses
  • Extended-wear RGP lenses
  • Bifocal contacts
  • Bifocal contacts for astigmatism
  • Monovision contacts for presbyopia
  • Scleral contacts for irregular corneas or dry eyes
  • Silicone hydrogel lenses
  • Toric contacts for astigmatism

Dr. Solan and the team also offer the family of SynergEyes hybrid contact lenses. These lenses are specially designed for people with high astigmatism, mildly irregular corneas, or keratoconus — a progressive eye disease in which your cornea bulges outward into a cone shape. Even if you need multifocal lenses to see clearly at a variety of distances, there may be a SynergEyes contact lens that works for you and provides the comfort you desire.

What are hybrid contacts?

Hybrid contacts, such as the ones Dr. Solan often prescribes for people with keratoconus, have a rigid gas permeable center area surrounded by an outer diameter of silicone hydrogel material. Hybrid lenses are often an ideal solution for men and women with keratoconus because they provide clear vision with the comfort of a soft lens.

Who is a good candidate for contact lenses?

If you currently wear glasses to see clearly, but you’d like to have an alternative for your active lifestyle, or special occasions when you don’t want to depend on glasses, you may be a good candidate for contact lenses. Because of the wide variety of contacts Dr. Solan and the team at Cedar Crest Vision Care offer, most teens and adults can find a lens that works for your specific vision and lifestyle requirements.

To ensure your eyes are in good overall health, and to determine your contact lens prescription, you’ll undergo a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens exam. In most cases, you’ll be able to try out a pair of contact lenses for a couple of weeks so you can decide if they are comfortable and allow you to see clearly.

Find the perfect pair of contacts for your unique eyes. Call to schedule an exam or book an appointment online, today.

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