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Regular eye exams are as important to your overall eye health as they are to renewing your vision prescription. At Cedar Crest Vision Care, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Jonathan Solan, OD, is an optometrist with more than 38 years of experience providing eye exams for children and adults. A comprehensive eye exam detects eye diseases that you otherwise may not realize you have. In many cases, early detection is vital to maximizing treatment options. Schedule an eye exam for every member of your family by calling the office or requesting appointments online.

Eye Exams Q & A

What can I expect during an eye exam?

A complete eye exam includes diagnostic testing for conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and retina health. Dr. Solan uses the latest vision technology to examine your eyes and determine if you need a new prescription for glasses or contacts. Some of the diagnostic tests you may have during your eye exam include:

  • A visual acuity test
  • Eye muscle test
  • A retinal exam
  • Glaucoma screening
  • Color blindness test
  • Peripheral vision test
  • Ocular motility (eye movements) test
  • Depth perception test
  • Refractive test

You may also have your pupils dilated so Dr. Solan has a clear view of your eyes’ internal structures. This allows him to look for any signs of developing eye diseases or conditions that you’d otherwise not realize you have.

How often should my children have eye exams?

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), children should have at least one professional eye exam between the ages of 3-5 years old. Then, before your child enters first grade, it’s a good idea to schedule another exam. After that, Dr. Solan and the AOA recommend yearly exams or every two years, depending on your child’s eye health and vision needs.

Since being able to see clearly is essential to your child’s ability to learn in and out of school, eye exams are the only way to ensure that they see well and their eyes are in good health. A vision screening by your pediatrician is an excellent place to begin before the age of three, but after that, there’s no substitute for a comprehensive eye exam by a professional optometrist, like Dr. Solan.

How often do adults need eye exams?

If you are 18-64 years old, in good overall health, and in the low-risk category for eye diseases, schedule a comprehensive eye exam at least every two years. However, if you’re at risk for ocular diseases because of a family history of glaucoma or cataracts, for example, or if your vision frequently changes as a result of your occupation, or from taking certain medications, Dr. Solan may recommend you have eye exams annually or even every six months. After age 65, you need annual eye exams to ensure your eye health and to detect age-related conditions.

The team at Cedar Crest Vision Care welcomes every member of your family into their friendly, patient-centered atmosphere. Call today to schedule an eye exam or book online.

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